The Healthy Diet shows you the benefits and pitfalls of diets, thereby explaining the right ways to maintain a proper diet. With our team of experienced counselors and nutritionists, you can get an appropriate diet plan according to which you can see tremendous improvement in your health and diet.

Lifestyle changes all need to make

We constantly tell our patients that today’s lifestyle has changed a lot from how it was 50 years back. In lieu of that, you need to make significant changes in your lifestyle. Nowadays more and more people are working on their laptops and computer systems throughout the day (7 – 8 hours) and because of which their body becomes prone to diseases, by lowering their immune system. Hence, we need to increase our physical activity and reduce the consumption of calorie intake. At The Healthy Diet, we believe to make people understand that the right lifestyle changes will go a long way in preventing diseases.

How to follow the perfect health diet?

We will help you explain the right diet for your body according to your BMI, Body Mass Index, which takes into account the height and weight of a person.

  1. Breakfast – Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day which gives a person the energy to start off the day. You need to ensure that your breakfast includes fresh fruits and vegetables. One glass of milk is vital during the morning hours.
  2. Lunch – During lunch you can have around two chapattis and 1 – 2 bowls full of vegetable. You can also include one bowl of curd.
  3. Evening – The evening hours call for some hunger attack. Now instead of going for chips, burger and other things, its better to have one glass of milk and eat diet murmura instead. This will fill your stomach and also will not add to any high calorie count.
  4. Dinner– Dinner is considered as a light meal. It is said so because after dinner you will just sleep and your body is not undergoing any physical activity which means that you will have lesser time to burn the calories. Hence, you should eat less during the dinner time.

If you follow this healthy diet, then you can significantly see the difference in your body shape. We ensure that all our patients follow the right diet procedure and maintain discipline regarding that.

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